Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Pressed Flowers

I have recently discovered a technique called hammered Flowers. In the demo a flower is taped to a sheet of paper and hammered; this creates an impression of the flower on the paper. It is very effective.
However, there is another way of doing this - using a die cutting machine.
A sheet of A4 water colour paper is folded in half. Flowers and/or leaves are arranged on half the paper which is then folded and passed through the die cutting machine. The results are unpredictable and fascinating!

Here are some pictures of my efforts. 
I like this one - now to decide what to do with it!

Rose petals scattered across the paper.

Bit of a disaster - basil leaves

funny enough, this looks better on the screen!

Rose leaves - these work really well

another go, this time on watercolour paper

This is the first attempt using sketch book paper.